Financial Peace University

What is Financial Peace University?

FPU is the most important step to changing your financial future. It is your Total Money Makeover Program. It takes the knowledge from God and turns it into real action in our lives through a step-by-step process taught by best-selling author and financial counselor Dave Ramsey.

FPU was totally re-designed for 2012 and is now a 9-week life-changing program that empowers and teaches you how to make the right money decisions to achieve your financial goals and God's plan for your life. The course includes practical lessons on eliminating debt, building wealth, giving like never before, and much, much more!

Who is Financial Peace University for?

It's for EVERYONE!...from the financially secure to the financially distressed. Over 1 million families and individuals have attended Financial Peace University.

Applying God's Word radically changes your life.  On average, FPU graduates have paid off over $5,300 in debt and saved $2,700 during the 91-day program!

What Will I Learn?

In this life-changing program you will learn:

1. Step-by-Step Cash Flow Planning

Luke 14:28: "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it."

2. Debt Snowball Plan Technique to Eliminating Debt

Proverbs 22:7: "The borrower is slave to the lender."

3. How to Invest Wisely

Ecclesiastes 11:2: "Give portions to seven, yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land."


Here's what people just like you are saying about FPU:

"We've actually relieved ourselves of over $50,000 worth of debt in two years just from using these principles."   - Russ and Mary Lee

"It made us sit down as a couple and communicate... and it gave us an instant pay raise!" - Paul and Lynesa Benson


Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University will be offered at Zion Lutheran Church at the following dates and times:  (check back for additional classes).

Class Start Date:  Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Classes run for 9 weeks, meeting each Wednesday evening at 7:00PM in Zion's Conference Room.

Cost: $99 per family for a lifetime FPU membership with kit. (This is a great investment as the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 in the first 91 days of Financial Peace University.)

If you would like to sign up for the FPU class, fill out a form located at the Welcome Desk in Zion's Family Life Center or contact Pastor Steve at 878-0266 or
For more information and testimonies, go to


CLICK HERE for a short video introduction of FPU by Dave Ramsey.

CLICK HERE to download excel versions of Dave's Budget Forms

What Does The Bible Say About Money?

Almost everyone agrees that the Bible contains great advice about life, from improving your marriage to getting along with your boss at work.  But does the Bible really say much about money?  Does it really give us advice that we can apply to our own life in today's world?

The Good News is Yes!  Absolutely!  We believe the Bible is as relevant and helpful today as when it was written, and God has a lot to say about money.  Did you know money is mentioned in the Bible over 800 times?  God must be pretty serious about this subject to talk about it that much. 

In fact, Jesus says in Luke 16:11, "So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?"  It appears from this verse that God uses money as a test of our management and stewardship skills before entrusting us with spiritual things.  See more below.

Money in the Bible

1. Proverbs 13:22  "A good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens' children" indicating that God wants us to make a difference, financially, in our family tree.

2. Proverbs 21:20  "In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has."  This gives us an idea of how God wants us to save for a rainy day, to set something back for safekeeping.

3. Proverbs 22:7 states that "The rich rule over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender."  Really?  The Bible discourages debt?  Does God really want me to pay my debts off and avoid debt?

4. Luke 14:28  "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it."  Does Jesus really want me to save up and pay for the things I buy?

5. Matt. 6:24  "You cannot serve both God and money".

If money is this important to God, why are there so few Sunday school classes on this topic?  Why don't we see lots of small group studies on "Managing Your Finances" or "Getting Out of Debt"?  Why aren't there more sermons in this area?

There are many reasons, but the top reason is that most people don't realize how much of a problem managing money is for the average family.  Look at the statistics below:

Financial Statistics

1. Marital Problems - 37 percent (the highest rate) of marital problems derive from financial situations
2. Cash Flow - 70 percent of all consumers live paycheck to paycheck, meaning they run out of money before the end of the month

3. Savings - The average family would have to use a credit card to pay a $1,500 unexpected expense (ex: home or car repair).

4. Retirement - Nearly half of all Americans (46%) have less than $10,000 saved for their retirement.

It is a problem that affects everyone, inside and outside of the church.  In fact George Barna says that the fastest growing churches are teaching about marriage, child rearing, finances, and careers.  Money is a serious subject, and God is serious about money, which is why we should study closely what he has to tell us.

Finally, there is something to guide us!  A study to take God's wisdom about money and help us apply it to our own lives. It is called Financial Peace University.


Financial Peace University Lifetime Membership

When you purchase a membership to Financial Peace University through Zion, you will receive a membership kit that includes the following items:


Lifetime Membership

With your lifetime membership, you and your spouse can attend a FPU class anywhere,

any time, at no extra charge for the rest of your life.


The Starter Envelope System has all the tools that you need to begin Dave's proven,

easy-to-use cash-management system. This popular component from the Financial Peace

University Membership is being offered separately for the first time. Try out this simple way to

manage your household income and expenses and avoid spending more than you earn!

·Zip-up change pocket

·Envelope system and instructions

·Four extra cash-management envelopes


Full-Color FPU Workbook

The new full-color, hardcover workbook will walk you step by step through all 13 of Dave’s life changing lessons.


High-Quality Audio CD Library

Includes all 13 lessons, plus two bonus CDs in a convenient storage case.


Dave's Best-Selling Book, Financial Peace University Revisited

Over a million people have benefited from these solid money principles of common-sense

money management.


Helpful Tidbits

Budgeting forms, bonus CDs, tip cards, debit card holders, and more.


Access to the Member Resource Center

Get the most out of your FPU experience with online features including budgeting software

and an active discussion community for the duration of your FPU class and bonus articles,

videos and more for a lifetime.


The Guarantee:

·If you do it, IT WORKS!  If you don’t do it, IT WON’T WORK!

·If you will work the program, you won’t want your money back.

·If you don’t work the program, you don’t get your money back.




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